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APXGARY PHOTOGRAPHY is a one-stop event photography & videography service provider in Singapore . Apart from providing corporate event photography & videography service, they do cover Wedding Photography, ROM Photography , Birthday Party Photography, Food Photograph,  Product Photography , Roving Photography,  Instant Print , Photo booth Event Videography , Wedding Videography, Livefeed + Live Recoding Videography  and Interview Videography.

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This is one recent project we have got and first challenge is to be there on Page 1 for keywords like Event Photography Services and we have achieved the same in just a matter of three months. Now. our target is to be ranked on Page 1 of Google for keyword ‘Photography Service in Singapore.

After hitting first page of Google for keywords like event photography & videography services in singapore, their website traffic is increased by 30% and the bounced rate is reduced by 25%.

  • In coming months, we are looking forward to increase more organic traffic.
  • Also, we are focusing on Google Business listing to get local leads.
  • Now, we are pushing some more generic keywords to increase their branding in Photography Industry.

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